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Congratulations, you are getting married or you have found love, that’s for 70% of the people that’s going to read this article. The rest of you, well, you are going to increase your odds to getting hooked or become a better player – women love a man in suit. So, you want to wear a killer wedding suits? Would first advice you to trim down around the belly you know? If you can’t or don’t have enough time it’s fine – nothing a fitting suit can’t do.

If you are buying a wedding suit, you can go for a custom-made suit or get a ready-made suit from a men clothing store. While most people don’t always have a reason to buy a suit, a wedding is a justifiable reason to buy one. Going for a custom-made wedding suit especially means getting married in an outfit that fits like a glove and totally suits your figure and taste. Though it can be pricey, it’s a small price to pay for the uniqueness and confidence it will give you.

No matter the suit design you pick, the fit must be right. Sloppy clothes – baggy shirts, short sleeves, oversized jackets, pants that are too big- don’t just look bad, they have a way of obscuring the man wearing them. When thinking of getting a wedding suit, it’s best to meet with a professional. You don’t want to look at the pictures years from now wishing you had worn a better suit.


Depending on the type of wedding you want – formal, semi-formal or casual – you will need a suit need a suit that matches the type of wedding you want.

For instance,

  • Casual wedding can allow for bright coloured suits, suede or even a plaid suit with a corresponding casual size
  • Whereas a semi-formal wedding which is more often common here in Nigeria allows for a three-piece suit in soft shade of navy or grey. You can also go for a soft coloured patterned grey on white suit.
  • While a formal wedding or let’s say the norm as it has become the standard. Most men either opt for a tuxedo with a black bow tie or a dark suit. Dark wedding suits are the most common.

To make things easier for you follow these easy steps especially if you’re getting tailor-made

  1. Avoid last minute panic at all cost

Start the process of getting your wedding suit as soon as you can. Allow space for multiple fittings. Try to ensure that you have your suit at least two weeks

before Wedding Day.


  1. Synchronise with Bae

It’s always cute to want to surprise your partner with how you look for the function, but sometimes the aftermath isn’t always cute. Especially if your partner feels that the choices you’ve made to your wedding suit are not good enough and worse if they clash with their own. To avoid this unfortunate set of circumstances, always consult Bae first. Yes it is true that it is your day as well, and that you’d naturally want to look fabulous as well, it is always best if the choices that you and your partner make complement each other.


  1. Do that research

Before you go to the tailor or suit shop, do them and yourself a favour by doing some research beforehand. With the Internet, it is easy to look into what is available in the market, and what you think will suit and complement your taste. There are tonnes of magazines as well so you will not find yourself at a lack of material, as there is no dearth of it at all. Be on the lookout for fabrics, cuts and styles that catch your eye and go with these pictures to your appointment. This will help the consultants at the shop and the tailors to come up with the best possible wedding suits for you.


  1. Have a budget

Always, always work within a set budget. While you don’t have to sell your kidney to afford a suit, you can also avoid being too cheap.


  1. Go Pro or don’t bother

If you are not going to use a professional tailor or designer, I don’t know why you read this article. It is meaningless, only a professional tailor will get you the best from fabric to quality tailoring.


  1. If it won’t look good on you it’s not making sense

While you might have always admired double-breasted suits, be prepared for a bit of reality if you find that they do not suit you. Every person is different, and their bodies are built differently. Fortunately, it is ludicrously hard to look bad in any kind of suit, seeing as there are a multitude of styles and cuts to suit any kind of figure. These coupled with the right choice in accessories, such as ties and cufflinks, can make anyone look like they’ve stepped of a fashion ramp. And never underestimate the power of a well-tailored suit. Something that hangs over parts of your figure, or bulges awkwardly in places because of it being just a little too tight in one itsy-bitsy bit of stitch can completely ruin the effect of a good suit or tux.

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