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Blue stripped men's Agbada

Demons Everywhere.

It’s funny how a well dressed male in traditional attire is referred to as a “Demon”. No matter the occasion, this tag is considered the new cool, as It’s now a thing of reverence for a gentleman looking good and dapper in traditional attire to be referred to as a Demon. This shows the power and effect trending traditional attires have on men these days. Traditional wears now have the power not just to make you look good but to also transcend the level of the ordinary. We see more sophistication, professionalism and class in the creative designs that are embedded in these recent trending outfits. A fusion of the old and new in the embroidery patterns of Phonix, tinko, coil, jakan are all old skills that have been able to transcend the years. Old designs and old methods of applications to new patterns and styles. The skills and creativity of designers have also improved to feature mixing fabric patterns and colors on plain prints, pleated designs  on tops and soo much more. Traditional wears have also upgraded to have cuffs rather than the afore favored use of buttons, adding an air of sophistication of these outfits.

The Agbada is also an old style that has been able to reinvent itself to still be a fashion favorite and a must Have In every man’s wardrobe. This piece of clothing is a masterpiece on its own with a variety of intricate embroidery that can sit on its chest region. The agbada knows no limit with the creativity that can be performed on it.

It goes to say traditional attires have the capacity to be rocked in anyway. To meetings, to a date, out with the guys, any ceremony, but except to the beach (wink). It’s capacity to stand out and blend in, at the same time is why DMWardrobe has made it a mandate to help you achieve both (standing out and blending in). With us, look both like an Angel and a Demon, be a trend setter, look classic and clean, because it’s really the only thing we know how to do. Cheers to the fine gentlemen that we help to create and achieve.

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