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Of a supreme quality, here is a top-notch Italian Blue Pattern Cashmere Fabric with a brilliant hand and of a suiting weight. So soft, this fabric will become a new obsession if cashmere isn’t already one for you. Thin and with a lovely sheen, use this cashmere for heavier suiting applications and suiting separates such as dresses. It could also be used for thin shawls and ponchos. We highly recommend ordering a swatch if nothing else.

Highly reveled as the top tier of wools, Cashmere is actually a hair obtained from the cashmere goat in addition to others. Softer than traditional wool, this material also remains smoother and lighter with remarkable insulation properties. Blue Pattern Cashmere’s silken hand is achieved by the separation of the goat’s underdown hair from the coarse guard hair adding to the quality and expense of the textile. Mood has an impressive collection of quality Cashmere in a wide variety in pattern, color and designer brands.

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