Let’s talk about Men Traditional Attire

What started as simple Buba and shokoto with Aso Oke gradually has evolved into a huge fashion segment starting first men experimenting with different material and later to being innovative with styles. Now men’s tradition fashion has evolved so much that there is an endless style option and a wide range of fabric options. Some common fabrics include Atiku, polished lace, Ankara and so on. The most common being Atiku fabric in black, navy blue, white, beige and cream colours.

For many years, traditional attires (or native as it’s often called) is the most common choice of attire for ceremonial event and religious programs. Nowadays, natives are also worn casually. Every year or season to season, we can observe sudden or smooth changes in the men’s fashion. Designers invariably offer some novelties. Depending on your personal style or taste, there is always something for you. Younger men often experiment with brighter colours and complex styles whereas older men stick to simple elegant designs using cool colours. The overall goal is to look stylish and trendy.

You can learn how to dress well all your life and improve your style all the time. Fortunately, men’s clothing is much more conservative than women and once you know what works for you putting in consideration your skin colour and body size, a good designer can easily make an endless array of traditional attires for you. Knowing what works for you can be quite challenging. Here are some tips to help you.


A good tailor goes a long way to put in place all your ideas and desires. Nigerian native styles for men can be either with embroidery or without it, a lot of styles also allows for combination of different fabrics.

Accessories: Traditional attires ca not reach their full potentials without key accessories. Your footwear is one of the most important accessory. It sets the tone for your dressing whether its casual or more ceremonial. An oxford shoe is a good choice with or without brogueing, Shinny leather loafers (especially the tassel loafers best worn without socks), Desert Boot, Chelsea Boot, Derby. A very simple sandal will give a much casual look. The colours should be brown or black depending on the material colour. Other colours like wine, red or blue go with white natives if you can pull it off.
Wristwatches are a thing of necessity as a gentleman. You can either go with a leather strap watch or a chain strap watch. Depending on your personal style. Cufflinks depend on the cloth style. Some are done with cuffs while some aren’t. If your clothes have cuffs you can use cufflinks colour that match the colour of your embroidery. This helps create a colour theme. Other optional accessories include neck chain, rings, bracelets, beads etc. They should all suit your personal style. Also remember to keep it simple, elegant and classy.

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