Did Your Tailor Disappoint You? Let me Tell you a Story or two

Disappointment is the feeling of dissatisfaction that follows the failure of expectations or hopes to manifest.

Uthman’s Dad had paid his tailor about 3 weeks before Salah. He wanted his sons to feel grown up on that day, wearing the same attire as their father whom they love and worship so much. Uthman’s dad got his cloth a week to Salah expecting to get his sons own a day or two later. Sadly, the tailor did not show up until 3 days after Salah with a whole truckload of excuses. Almost ruined Salah.

Ayo had a concert on Sunday. He had given his tailor money for his cloth 2 weeks to the event. The tailor told him it was ready after a week and Ayo trusting him decided to come pick it up later. On Thursday four days to the event, asked the tailor to bring it over for fitting. The tailor then started coming up with excuses postponing the day he would be coming till it was Saturday evening. After seeing the cloth Ayo swore the cloth looked freshly finished and rushed as the finishing was very poor. He could not wear the cloth for the concert as it was ill-fitting and there was no time for adjusting.

Almost everyone is familiar with stories of disappointing tailors, it’s a plague in this society of ours. Finding a diligent tailor that won’t disappoint or have genuine reason for disappointment seems an impossibility. This makes brand that are very particular about delivery a jewel. Brands that believe you can get quality service without getting disappointed, brands that believe in customer satisfaction and prompt delivery. Brands like DM wardrobes who do everything in their capability to satisfy you. DM wardrobes has a track record of zero disappointment and we like to keep it so.

At DM wardrobes, we believe a brand has no value if they can’t stay true to their words. We have had clients who believe disappointment is part of the tailoring industry and we have been able to convince them otherwise. You are skeptical I know, but once you try us, you would be vouching for us everywhere.

Ever been disappointed by a tailor? Tell us about it

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