Corporate Shirt: What to Know

Blue shirt and suit jacket/ black suit pants

Most men in corporate organisations know the essence of a shirt. It is basically your office wear Monday through Thursdays and occasionally on Fridays. In a traditional firm, there are certain unspoken fashion rules guiding the way you dress to work. You can’t wear just any shirt to the office unlike industries that require less formal dressing – like the I.T, media and engineering industries were any shirt goes, in fact no shirt goes, you often see staffs wearing round – neck and hoodies. This article is for the traditional corporate firm, the keep your hair neat and don’t you dare wear sneakers between Monday – Thursday type of office.


The classic white shirt is the most common shirt worn by men. The rule however is, if you are a lover of white shirt, you should have as many as possible. We can’t say this too much but the fit of your shirts is extremely important. If your shirt fitting is bad, fabrics, design details, button used or collar style will not have any effect. This can easily be solved by buying custom – made shirts or buying from a brand whose sizes fits with your measurements.


As a corporate wear, your shirt should be slim fit, not skin tight. It should sit close to your body. When choosing a shirt colour, consider your skin tone. Pockets are a no for corporate shirts. A spread colour is potentially the norm and the best option as it works perfectly with or without tie. You can also go for a button-down collar. When considering cuffs, put in mind that French cuff is the gentleman choice. It allows you to use one of the quintessential pieces of jewellery in men’s world, cufflinks.


A classic in menswear is the contrasting White Collar or White Collar and Cuffs. It elevates a shirts formality and makes it more business appropriate. However, contrasting with other collar colours should be avoided. As you can see, the look and feel of a shirt is not just defined by your choice of fabric and the details alone but also heavily by the style choices you make. If you buy ready-made, all of these choices have been made for you, which is easy but at the same time limiting. Once you switch to a custom-made shirt, you have to carefully consider all the options, so everything works together to produce an exquisite shirt.

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